Another War..

To do...


  • explain dungeons and why they exist in the world..
  • Skills (Inc Magic) : Learn the skill (1-100)
    • Learn specific Lores
    • Magic requires optional learning of spells? Other skill Specialities as well?
  • Magic turned to Chaos Magic.. scrolls & items used as safer than casting.
    Magic spells lot more common in old & new items and artifacts than in casting spells… thus people carry a few items with them with different spells in each.
    Magic items have UNKNOWN NUMBER OF SPELL CASTINGS IN THEM.. maybe an expert can give you rough number but not exact so PC never knows when it may run out.
  • Hierophant : White healing magic
  • Alchemist : Gold, transmutation of matter
  • Shaman or druid: Amber/Brown beasts
  • Necromancer: purple death magic
  • Pyromancer: red energy combat
  • Shadowmancer: grey, illusionist
  • Astromancer or stargazer or oracle: sky and predictions is Skylord ?
  • ??? Storm is elementalist?

Also, Witch for hedge magic, Runesingers, Sorcerer and Chaos Magus for the black chaos magic. Elves seem to be only ones able to command the High Magic of all colours.

Old World with little metal at all so axes, wood and laminate used more. Dying red sun…
Empire turned into a Republic..
Not an easy task. Nobles hate it..
Before nobles were judges, dispensing law to lowborn wherever they found them.. Now. Judges and magistrates roam the land dispensing “fair” justice..


Greyman Greyman

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