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Spells tend to be categorised as either…

  • Petty Spells: Those best suited to individual or selfish use.
  • Battle Spells: These are optimised for use on fields of war.
  • Greater Spells: The most powerful, reality breaking.

Spells usually require special key ingredients (one off regents) and Catalysts (Most rare, reusable).

  • Wither: Touching any living object (flesh, vegetation etc) causes it to wither and decompose into a rotten, base state over the coming days, weeks or months.
  • Gift of Tongues (Amber or Jade?): Real tongue?
  • Levitate (Sky Wizardry/Elementalism): Feather, Blow breath.
  • Faerie Fire:
  • Glamour:
  • Glow:
  • Eddie’s ’S BARMY WATER
    Level: p MP: 1 Rn: T Dur: Inst Ing: A black lace doily
    When cast this spell doubles the effective alcohol content of any drink the caster is holding. If cast on a non-alcoholic beverage there is no effect.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: T Dur: Inst Ing: A piece of sponge
This spell transforms any mattress or similar sleeping space to seeming to be as soft as the finest velvet and duckling feather mattress. This change is only in how it feels to the caster.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Pers Dur: Inst Ing: An officer’s swagger stick.
When using this spell the caster immediately lets out a mighty bellow. This will be perfectly audible to anyone within a quarter mile, but may consist of a maximum two words. If the caster doesn’t feel a need to use any actual words, the hollah may be any reasonable sound.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Touch Dur: 3D4h Ing: A pillow or cushion.
This spell is cast on the spell-caster or another character. It can be resisted as normal. If successful the target falls into a deep and restful sleep for 3D4 hours. They can be roused as normal. Regardless of the situation, the target will experience a deep and restorative slumber, waking refreshed and alert. With this spell any surface is as restful as a eiderdown bed. Environmental factors still have an effect; a Gracied character falling asleep in snow can still get frostbite, for example.

Level: p MP: 2 Rn: LoS Dur: 1r Ing: A coin between the fingers
This spell will mute all sounds other than the caster’s voice to the target. The target will still be able to hear that other people may be talking, owls hooting, dogs farting etc. but will only be able to clearly hear the caster.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: LoS Dur: Inst Ing: A small black stone
This spell is targeted on any animal. When cast. the animal in question will make two high pitched noises and come to full alertness.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Touch Dur: 1h Ing: Some food and a fire.
The spell-caster can use this spell to turn a pile of raw ingredients into a meal. This can be for up to six people per level of the spell-caster and will be of standard quality. An additional magic point can be expended to raise the quality to good, and another to raise it to excellent. The nutritional value of the food will remain; the spell only cooks and prepares the existing ingredients. The amount of food will not change either, casting Make That To Go on six eggs and a side of ham will produce six cooked eggs and ham. Exactly how the spell will alter these foods will depend on the spell-caster’s thoughts; the user can choose fried or boiled eggs, for example. This spell tends to choose the user’s own preferences. A spell-caster’s preference for steak will arrive if they simply opt for ‘good steak’. It will be the same for every meal produced; if the spell-caster prefers well done steak and eggs over-easy then all of the meals made will be well done and over-easy.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Personal Dur: 1h Ing: A pair of good boots or shoes
This spell eliminates discomforts from walking, including fatigue, aches, blisters, stones, dampness etc. The caster would feel like their feet were encased in the softest down and they’re walking on pillows.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Personal Dur: 1r Con: A fragment of lodestone.
This spell causes a small piece of lodestone to glow brightly, and move in the direction of true north. This motion is fairly rapid; the wizard will have to keep their eyes open, but not so rapid that an attentive person cannot tell the direction. True north is in a slightly different place than magnetic north which can throw navigation off a little, but this only really causes problems when significantly north.

Level: p MP: 2 Rn: Personal Dur: Inst Ing: A hat or small pocket.
This spell allows the character to magically produce a small animal from a hat or pocket. The creature is a normal member of its species, and may be eaten if it is normally edible. The caster must randomly determine the type of creature produced by their spell. Whenever they use this spell, that type of creature always appears, a caster who produces fish will always produce fish. The spell can be performed several times in succession, enabling magicians to pull a number of creatures from hats or pockets.

Die Roll Creature

1 White Mouse
2 White Rabbit
3 White Dove
4 Snake
5 Fish
6 Lizard

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Touch Dur: Inst Ing: A small bell
This spell acts as an alarm call. The caster sets what time it ought to go off. either a specific time of day or a specific duration. and when that point is reached. the bell will start to ring. Lifting the bell will silence it.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Touch Dur: Inst Ing: A cup of water
The user can transform a cup of water into a hot beverage of their choice.

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Personal Dur: Inst Ing: A patronising ‘joke’
A standard of bad parties. the magic user reaches behind an ear. or in a pocket or something similar of a person. and after making the patronising joke. extracts a coin from them. Roll D20 to determine the coin retrieved. add 2 if the trick is being performed on a child. This spell cannot be used on the caster themselves.
1-16 Brass Penny 17-18 Silver Shilling 20 Gold Crown

Level: p MP: 1 Rn: Personal Dur: Inst Ing: A dab of earwax.
This spell lets the spell-caster determine the cause of a sound and its approximate source. A successful use might reveal the noise was made by a flock of seagulls, from the south east and about a hundred yards away, for example. If what caused the noise is not something known to the user, say a chaotic were-newt, then the spell-caster will not be able to interpret what they see. This can cause problems as the feeling of what’s out there is not exact. A wizard might not realise that the were-newt is only a few inches long, for example, and only know that it’s an evil carnivorous reptile of some sort.

Level: p MP: 1+ Rn: 12y Dur: 1r Ing: An ear of wheat etc. and some chaff etc
This spell creates a great gust of air. It’s usually cast on a pile of mixed things. From the pile. whatever is the same as what is in the caster’s right hand will move a yard to the right. and whatever is in the left, to the left. Anything not in either hand will remain where it was, albeit most likely shaken by the disturbance. The items in the caster’s hands must be small and non magical. Each magic point expended will lift and sort about half a ton of matter. The most common usage is for agricultural purposes, hence the name. One could find a needle in a haystack using this spell, assuming the caster had another needle. This spell only works on loose items.

Level: p MP: 1* Rn: Personal Dur: Inst Ing: A hatpin
This spell will instantly let the caster know the exact direction to a fixed point; the metaphorical hat. This location must be set by the caster (usually their actual home or suitable nearby landmark) and can only be changed when casting this spell whilst actually there. This spell cannot be cast on anything mobile; it is tied to the location not any object. This can be used as a kind of compass. though it would still take orienteering skills to use this to navigate to a third point.

Level: 1 MP: 2 Rn: 12y Dur: 1D6r Ing: A lit cigarette, pipe or cigar
The caster summons a billowing cloud of dense smoke, originating from their position. This cloud will not drift with the wind, and dissipate after D6 rounds.

Level: 1 MP: 3 Rn: Touch Dur: Inst Ing: A black glove and pouch.
To use this spell the spell-caster dons the glove which then teleports any single small object into the pouch, which must be on the caster’s person. When this happens there is a quiet pop sound (I -20 to detect). The item is not concealed in any way – any character who could normally do so must pass an I -20 to notice. This spell may not be used against enchanted items.

Level: 1 MP: 2 Rn: Touch Dur: 1D4+2r Ing: A whetstone
This spell can be cast on any bladed weapon. That weapon will have a +l damage for the duration of the spell. The weapon does not have to be held by the wizard after the spell is cast.

Level: 1 MP: 4 Rn: Personal Dur: 1D4+2r Ing: A dab of glue
The caster’s hands and feet become sticky, allowing them to climb more easily (+10% per level). Anything held in the hands will be difficult to drop, requiring a strength roll. This spell can be used to hold on to objects, adding 10 to their strength per level.

Level: 1 MP: 3 Rn: Personal Dur: Inst Cons: A coffee bean.
The spell-caster crushes a coffee bean between their fingers. This instantly removes all effects of a hangover.

Level: MP: Rn: Touch Dur: 1D4+2r Ing: A crowbar.
This spell reduces the encumbrance of an object the caster is touching. The amount depends on the caster’s level – 1-25% 2-50% 3-75% 4-100% The effect ceases immediately upon losing contact with the item, so whilst one could load up, say, a catapult with a much bigger stone than they could usually handle, the instant it was fired it would return to its normal weight, and most likely destroy the catapult. This spell is usually used by working wizards assisting construction. It is not unheard of for wizards to be seen sat atop monoliths are they are being swung into position by ludicrously small cranes.

Level: 1 MP: 1 Rn: Touch Dur: Inst Ing: A pinch of salt.
This spell turns any water source to pure, clean drinking water. The caster can transform any static lump of water up to a tun (256 gallons) at a time. Transformed water is perfectly safe to drink, but is SO clean that it’s fairly tasteless and flat. Several wizards are able to find rewarding employ on oceanic voyages by using this spell to massively reduce the amount of water needed to be carried, making more room for trading goods.

Level: 1 MP: 3 Rn: 12y Dur: 1r Ing: A small silver item
This spell is used against a target who may resist with a Willpower roll. If that is failed they will become distracted by, and interested in, the item being held by the wizard. If possible they will move towards it. During the round they may not attack or actively defend. The effects of Shiny! disappear if the target takes any damage of any kind.

Level: 1 MP: 2 Rn: Personal Dur: 1h Ing: A miniature wooden bucket.
This spell resists the effects of fire upon the caster. Contacting small flames, such as from a torch or cooking cause no more than a mild tickling. Stronger flames, such as a burning building or fireball have no effect on the caster if they make a roll against their Int score. If that fails then the caster should be considered to have a 2/20 to any relevant roll to resist fire damage. Yet more serious fire, such as blast furnaces or greek flame throwers do not allow an Int roll, and the caster may resist with only 1/10. The effects last for one hour, or until dispelled by the caster, and have no effect on magical fire. It’s also worth noting that this spell offers protection for the caster not the caster’s possessions or clothing.

Level: 1 MP: 3 Rn: Touch Dur: 1D6m Ing: A piece of sheepgut, or a small wand.
This spell will imbue the caster with certain, aspects, that will make certain private activities last longer and be more pleasurable, equating to a Fel or Dex boost of +25 if the GM uses that sort of thing. The spell may also be cast on a target if those activities are going to be shared, and the recipient will experience the advantages.
Either a wand or a piece of sheepgut may be used to cast the spell, though spellcasters should understand that the choice of which ingredient determines how the spell manifests.
This spell is rarely taught in formal settings, though it is passed round between students with such regularity that it would certainly be considered a common spell.

Level: 1 MP: 1 Rn: 100y Dur: Inst Ing: Small silver scissors, a piece of ribbon.
To cast this spell the caster must have previously tied a small piece of ribbon to a piece of twine or string. When cast the magic user closes the scissors, this cuts the twine or string. This can be used to trigger traps, or devices.

Level: 2 MP: 4 Rn: Personal Dur: 1D6h Ing: A wooden mask.
The magic user casting the crying game successfully will appear to change gender for the duration. This is an illusory alteration, rather than physical. This spell will not alter their garments or equipment.

Level: 2 MP: 5 Rn: Personal Dur: 1D4+1h Cons: Several coffee beans.
The spell-caster crushes a few coffee beans between their fingers. This instantly removes all effects of a hangover, and gives them a 10 bonus to their Initiative for 1D41 hours.

Level: 2 MP: 2* Rn: 12y Dur: D6r Ing: A small model of a target.
This spell is used to force mists or fogs away from the caster. The cleared area normally has an area twelve yards across, but this can be increased by expending additional magic points. Four magic points clears seventeen yards across, six clears twenty one, eight clears twenty four. The area revealled will be devoid of mists, fogs, gaseous glimmers and anything similar for a short while (1D6 rounds) and then begin to encroach again. This spell can be used against magical mists or similar, but requires an opposed roll against the other spell-caster.

Level: 2 MP: 10 Rn: Personal Dur: 1D6h Ing: A stone, some dirt, parchament and ink.
When using this spell the caster holds the stone and dirt in their left hand, and the parchment and ink in the other. When concluded the spell will have marked up the parchement with the details as shown below. The maximum range of the spell is line of sight, but will include features within the range that are not visible. Magically protected features or buildings will not be revealled, nor will the spell reveal names.

Spell Lists

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