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Dwarven Home or Holm(name for their great ancestral bases): Deepholm, Rockholm Darkholm, Underholm, Greyholm, Ironholm, Skyholm, Silverholm,

To do a GM Screen…

Player Side

  • Creation Roll Tables (Race, Career/Region, Attributes, Name)
  • Price List (by region)
  • Basic Careers without most obvious effective, move to adv.

GM Side

  • Crit Tables
  • damage tables for unarmed, piercing, blunt, slashing?
  • Death & Dismemberment (D&D) Tables
  • Weapons, Armour Tables
  • Combat Sequence & Actions
  • Sample Skill & Attribute Tests
  • Magic & Chaos Manifestation Tables
  • Travel Times (foot, terrain, fast, wagon, horse, courier)
  • Tables of encounters, plot seeds, new pc introductions (Prisoners, New employer, Expert), Names, NPC’s etc.

Rules Systems

  • Nobility House Rules (like GoT)
  • Finish Combat System
  • Finish Magic System & clarify Spell Format
  • Character Descendent Creation after retirement.

To Do

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